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    When the User leaves personal data at and fills in a feedback form with personal data, they accept this Agreement to personal data processing (hereinafter Consent). Acting freely, voluntarily, for own benefit, and confirming legal capacity, the User gives consent to have their personal data processed by Diplomat, an autonomous non-profit-making organization for establishing discussion platforms in order to promote the development of the Republic of Bashkortostan (OGRN 1100200001110, INN 0274990110), located at 450076, Ufa, K. Marksa, 3 (hereinafter Operator), under the conditions below:

    1. Personal data processing is an automated or not automated action (operation) or several actions (operations) over the User’s personal data.
    2. The consent is issued to have the following data processed:
      - full name
      - gender, date of birth, age
      - registration address and place of living
      - contact telephone numbers
      - feedback addresses (emails, postal address)
      - place of work and position
    3. Personal data are not accessible to the public.
    4. The aim of personal data processing is the identification of User; provision of personalized services; User registration to take part in forums, conferences, exhibitions, and other events; User localization; provision of access to Operator’s website; processing of incoming requests for consultation; website analytics and function; advertisement and news feed.
    5. The legal justification of personal data processing are article 24 of the Russian Federation Constitution, article 6 of Federal Law #152-ФЗ “On personal data,” and the present consent to personal data processing. The User hereby agrees that he/she has read and understood Federal Law #152-ФЗ dd. July 27, 2006 “On personal data,” with the Operator’s “Personal information confidentiality policy,” with the rights and liabilities in the field of personal data protection, including the possible consequences in case the User refuses to give consent to personal data processing.
    6. In accordance with the present consent, the User authorizes the Operator to do the following with his/her data: collect, record, systematize, accumulate, store, specify (renew, change), extract, use, transmission (dissemination, provision, accessing), block, delete, and destroy.
    7. The duration of this Consent is unlimited. The data processing can be stopped upon request from the owner of the personal data or his/her representative by sending a written request to the Operator on the address at the top of the Consent via registered letter with a delivery confirmation. Please, be advised that this request leads to deletion of the account at the Operator’s website, as well as destruction of all the records with personal data, which may lead to inability to use the Operator’s services.
    8. Should the owner of the personal data or his/her representative withdraw the consent, the Operator is entitled to continue personal data processing without such consent for reasons stipulated in clauses 2-11 of part 1 article 6, part 2 article 10, and part 2 article 11 of Federal Law #152-ФЗ dd. July 26, 2006 “On personal data.”